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  • Dr. Walden in a green lit MRI machine. Kryptonite? What else am I to think? But no. 
  • “The Day is coming”
  • Clark is writing a toast for Lex’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Did I miss Lex asking Clark to be Best Man?
  • Apparently Clark’s “adopted” birthday is in the spring
  • Oh damn. An actual real Clark and Lana kiss! Without a flower or red kryptonite. About time. 
  • Odd transition to the theme song. Maybe the two scenes should’ve been flipped?

Act One

  • writer Kenneth Butler. Wrote Lineage and Insurgence this season. Good track record so far. / director Terrance Butler 
  • Get. Over. It. Chloe. 
  • Pete’s entrance. That was funny. 
  • Lana having second thoughts. Listen to the lyrics while she talks. Subtext galore. 
  • Bryce’s office ransacked. By …. Lex? And they got Clark’s alien juice! / Similar to how the Torch was sacked

Act Two

  • “Lex’s is not the man you think he is.” Oh you’re going to learn, Helen. 
  • Look at Lex giving love advice. 
  • Lana: “There are three friendships at stake here.” She’s not wrong. 
  • Yea, Clark’s too eager to be with Lana. You can see how this is destined to fail. I know Lois eventually shows up – and that ultimately it’s always about Lois – but after two seasons of Clark pining shouldn’t we root for Clark and Lana? If I didn’t know Lois was coming, would I be more optimistic about their kiss and future?
  • Listen to that Superman music. And that Terrance Stamp Jor-El voice!

Act Three

  • What happened to the third staff member when Walden escaped?
  • Lex bringing in Clark to talk about Walden. And to get a read on Clark no doubt. 
  • There’s that angular symbol again emanating from Walden. And the cave symbols get rearranged.
  • Ahhh Lana still not at ease with Clark’s lack of complete honesty. 
  • Bryce finds the Martha file that Lex obtained at the end of Fever. 
  • Lionel catches Bryce snooping in Lex’s office. And planting all kinds of doubt. 
  • And now Lionel and Clark at the caves. Call back to Insurgence. / look at Lionel’s face when talking to Clark. He so knows. 
  • “The day is coming. When the last son will begin his quest to rule the third planet”
  • Walden flat out states this is all about Clark Kent. Lionel fishing for more info. Lex with a shocked look, as if not not wanting to hear what he already knows. 
  • “We have to kill Clark Kent.”
  • This has to be a turning point here. Both Luthors already know something is up with Clark. Now it’s just a matter of what they do with this new knowledge.

Act Four

  • Retirement? Didn’t you fire him? 
  • “I have the Torch” Ain’t that the truth. 
  • Lex tells Clark that Lionel is on the scent. He’s your dad, Lex. Don’t just warn Clark. Help him. 
  • Lionel gets a Daily Planet column for Chloe. And now wants Chloe to investigate Clark. Of course this was going to be the outcome. 
  • “Would he sacrifice his dream? Out of loyalty to you?” – damn Lionel is a manipulation god. 
  • Clark, this speech is only going to push Lana away
  • Clark and Lex hug. Is that a first?
  • The disc noise is back
  • Barn insurance must be expensive. Good thing the Kents have Clark to fix everything up
  • Walden’s power reminds me of Superman II finger point telekinesis
  • Bye bye Walden
  • Why would what entered Walden from the caves be antagonistic to Clark? Or is that Walden’s humanity coming through while not able to handle the Kryptonian information? Or, is it because someone other than Clark accessed the symbols/caves, so it has to reset or something? That’s why this makes me think Zod is behind this or some other force. Since Walden’s symbol is different from the classic Superman “S”. 

Act Five

  • Wedding off? Of course Lex has the blood. This is next stage stuff I hope. They better not backtrack Lex’s knowledge in season three. 
  • Lionel wants Walden’s hand – it has the disc imprinted on it. Creepy.
  • I was wrong. Clark’s speech worked on Lana.
  • Chloe’s going to see them kiss isn’t she? Yuuuup. Knew it. Again – she’s kinda terrible or terribly written. Pete started the season off well but went back to being such a small part of this show. And then with Chloe, she was Clark’s point person for all the KMOTW/Wall of Weird stuff in season one – but that’s changed too. 
  • Uhmmm. Somethings going to happen. I can feel it. 
  • “Kal-El. It is time.” Oooo. Krypton music. The ship. Yup. Terrance Stamp!
  • To be continued! 
  • They put the Terrance Stamp credit at the end credits. Smart move!
  • Good episode. Very important in the development of Smallville. I was engaged the whole time. 
  • The Calling: of the disc, of the ship, of the warning from Dr. Walden, Lex’s calling to learn more about Clark, Chloe’s calling to be a journalist or a snoop. 


Next episode: Exodus!


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