The Daily Smallville 02:19 Precipice




  • what the heck. Why are Smallville men so terrible?
  • Uh oh. Clark is going to get revenge for the guys assaulting Lana. 
  • The new sheriff! 
  • Oh no. Clark in trouble with the law. AGAIN!!!

Act One

  • writer Clint Carpenter – who writes primarily for the early Smallville comics / director Thomas J Wright
  • the new Sheriff: “Hero complex / even heroes have to play by the rules.” 
  • Clark is charged with Misdemeanor battery 
  • “Those good ol boys days are over” – Dukes of Hazzard reference! 
  • Paul Hayden played by Anson Mounts. Black Bolt on ABC’s Inhumans. And Captain Pike on ST Discovery. 
  • Uh oh. Lex doesn’t like this guy knowing stuff about Bryce. 
  • “You’re always there to SAAAAAAVE MEEEEE” / is this Lana’s start to learning self defense?

Act Two

  • Yup. Lex gives Lana the bug to learn how to fight 
  • Clark: “They’re a flawed race. Rule them with strength.” The show now under the lens of what was learned in Rosetta. 
  • Creepy Paul. He’s a psycho. 

Act Three

  • Clark learns the guy he beat up is faking his injuries
  • Clark gets a lesson in girl power from Chloe. This comes off surprisingly well. 
  • Lana and Bryce’s story is connected here in theme. Except Helen is injured
  • And now we’ll see the difference between Clark and Lex in response. 

Act Four

  • Lana: “Lex has a way of bringing out a side of me that’s both scary and liberating at the same time”. Ouch. Careful there Lana. We know where this leads. 
  • Smallville is in Lowell County
  • And again Clark shows up where Lex is
  • Clark turns away for a moment after seeing the dead body. Because of the nature of the death? I haven’t really been keeping count on this. 
  • Sheriff Adams 

Act Five  

  • this looking for Paul sequence is going awfully long. It’s like they ran out of story
  • Look at Lex growing up and not killing Paul. A semi-surprise shift from Clark’s actions earlier. I just about assumed Lex would go his way, just as Clark did. Nice touch here.
  • How did the sheriff know where to go?
  • Superhero Lana. Now she has a role with Clark like he’s had with her all this time. 
  • And this is how we get Lex to propose. 
  • Not a bad ep. Production is good. Acting is solid. Story is a little formulaic. But a few character stories get pushed in small ways: Lana’s resilience. Maybe the seed of how Lex and Lana develop. The proposal. A new sheriff. Kinda wish the stuff with Clark acting out of anger was played up more. 


Next episode: Witness! 


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