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  • first Smallville High shop class now electric class 
  • Cyrus Krupp
  • Bullies trying to step up to Clark. Have they not watched this show?
  • Clark looking on in surprise at the tool wall catching fire. As if he can’t do it himself
  • Incredibly mundane opening after Rosetta

Act One

  • writer Philip Levens / director Rick Rosenthal
  • Lana’s horse boarded at the Kents. “Another part of her past taken away” – Lana cried about that in Visage 
  • Chloe bringing up an alien angle to Clark about Cyrus. Okay, a little bit of a sequel to last episode. Now that Clark knows a little more about his origins. 
  • This actor is short
  • Clark hoping a little too hard that Cyrus is an alien. So he’s not alone. 
  • Cyrus trying to claim Clark’s arrival during the meteor shower as his own
  • Ground zero for the signal. What signal?

Act Two

  • Martha and the ship. She’s not feeling well and wants to see Bryce. 
  • Her comment about how she conceived. Are they saying it wasn’t sex?!? Some kind of Mary thing?
  • Identity Crisis and Mental Illness book
  • Lex. “Do you believe there are aliens among us Clark?” Watch it, Clark. He’s fishing. 
  • “I can’t lose Tyson too.” 
  • Cyrus going Xorn on the horse / It’s funny to see people of Smallville react in shock whenever they come up against the weird. As if Lana hasn’t already seen some things 
  • Is Cyrus faking the light show? KMOTW – Hmm is there a Legion healer?

Act Three

  • Martha! Saying he’s not the first person in Smallville to have unusual abilities. Thank you! 
  • Clark leaping logic in a single bound. Wanting Cyrus to be from Krypton. For once I’m with the Kents on this. Clark’s acting too irrational trying to use Swann’s info to speed up his knowledge 
  • Ooo Martha goes to see Bryce. Could be interesting to get an outsider’s pov on Clark that isn’t out to use him 
  • Cyrus’ drawings are exactly like Clark’s ship
  • The word signal comes up a lot – did some of the ship’s signals during Clark’s arrival hit Cyrus during the storm? Is that why he seems to know things?
  • Clark’s heat vision is invisible. 
  • “You’re an alien too.” Ooops. 

Act Four

  • kryptonite! The meteor rocks finally get a name. 
  • “Is that with a c or a K.” That’s first movie dialogue I think.  
  • “Everything I care about is on the Earth” I think Clark learned that in the moment. 
  • The whole locked door thing between Lex and Bryce is really to give us a mystery about that room. Is it the same one that had the crashed Porsche? 
  • This is the second appearance of Kwesi Ameyaw as Darius, one of Lex’s bodyguards. Ameyaw has extensive DC TV credits including playing Dr. Mid-Nite on Legends of Tomorrow.
  • There’s a new sheriff
  • These bullies are relentless 
  • Damn. His tower works. Looks like a Monitor Vibrational Tower

Act Five  

  • Clark playing tug a war instead of snapping the chain
  • does Cyrus have the power to heal? 
  • Ewww that crack sound. So now the bullies have seen this weirdness 
  • Do we get to find out what that blast of light was??
  • Cyrus’ mind is gone. Loose end again. 
  • Clark wonders why Cyrus saved the kid instead of going home. Because you told him to Clark! That was weird 
  • Ah okay. This is the same room in the Luthor mansion. It’s the Porsche and the cave paintings. The disc. Kryptonite. Elements of other episodes. And info of Clark. And the alien writing Clark threw away. Nice call back. 
  • Lex: “They’re an interesting family. Don’t you think?” Uh oh. Actually, Helen Bryce knows quite a lot about the Kents
  • Clark trying to see what Lana would think about an alien among them
  • Just a shooting star. I mean, was it? It looked way too big. 
  • Close up to the stars at the end. 
  • An odd episode if none of this is followed up. Did Cyrus just randomly get powers like all the other KMOTW? What about the tower beacon?
  • Episode started like a season 1 KMOTW ep but then about a third of the way in remembers its season two. And post Rosetta 


Next episode: Precipice!


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