The Daily Smallville 02:09 Dichotic




  • Metal shop. Clark makes an ‘S’. Of course.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian. Doing a Christian Slater impression for some reason?
  • Pete asks Clark to look at the grade book. First time Pete has Clark use his powers for self gain? Even if it’s something small. Could lead elsewhere.
  • Ian can’t have bad grades for the Luthor Foundation Scholarship
  • Return of a KMOTW?! Duo Damsel? Pete mentioned Ian was taking a lot of extra classes.
  • Another odd transition to the theme song.

Act One

  • Mark Verheiden writer. Craig Zisk director
  • Lex XIV license plate
  • WHOA. Lex goes Falling Down on the Parking Officer.
  • Lana moving day with the Sullivans – Pleasant Meadows. A LuthorCorps development. They really are everywhere.
  • Awwww is that Clark feeling left out now that Lana and Clark are roommates?
  • Pa gets a broken leg from a tractor accident. Clark had to rescue him
  • Ian Randall / Chloe says she wishes there were two of herself. Yup. There we go.

Act Two

  • We meet Dr. Bryce for the first time. Funny. Just saw Emmanuelle Vaugier on Two and a Half Men as Mia
  • Martha’s work causing strife with Jonathan.
  • Lex was “having a bad day”. Sure you were, rich man.
  • Ian and Chloe. “Only child”. “Twice as much”. We get it, Verheiden!
  • Has no one heard about the shop teacher’s murder just yet?!?
  • Oh wait. This is the same day? A lot has happened so far.
  • Yup. Duo Damsel. Ew. That was gross.

Act Three

  • Martha: “I should try to be where I’m needed”
  • Ian: “Page me”. Hello, 2002. 
  • Clark trying to get in the middle of what Ian is doing. Lana isn’t having it. Or Chloe. She slams him with how he can’t believe someone would want her over Lana
  • Ha! Lex in anger management. And of course Bryce is there.
  • Ian also throws it at Clark about how he’s played both girls. And then tries to kill Clark and Pete
  • Clark’s meteor freak alarm should be ringing stronger than just confrontation.

Act Four

  • Clark and Pete create a sting to prove what’s going on with Ian
  • You can really see how Chloe’s actions with guys or Clark are because she’s desperate for attention. Which she talked about in Lineage. But at least here she comes across not as pitiful
  • Here we go. Psycho KMOTW again. Dichotic and psychotic do rhyme, I suppose.

Act Five 

  • Oh look. The Smallville dam again.
  • Holy heck this was traumatizing. Chloe gets knocked out again. Gets tossed over. Clark has to jump to save her. These fx don’t hold up.
  • Lana’s turn to go over and barely holding on for Clark to save her. Bye bye Ian.
  • The two other props just happen to be around for the fight to work. A pole to strike Clark. A sign board to throw Ian against.
  • Hmmm I dunno. Pa is coming off selfish here. His history with the Luthors is informing his reaction to Martha’s job. Martha should tell him to get over it.
  • The Trinity talks. Not what I expected. Clark doesn’t want to be treated like a jealous bf. Everyone wants honesty. And when he says they should be friends, Lana says Is that what you really want? Clark says yes and feels good about that decision. You just know this is going to come back to bite him in the ass.
  • A good scene though. A nice progression from where we’ve been going. This was a good “first season” type episode. Best of this season so far. Although turns out there’s no mention if Ian really is a KMOTW or not.


Next episode: Skinwalkers!


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