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02:08 RYAN


  • Ryan returns from 01:16 Stray. He’s being tested on. Is that meteor juice in the IV?
  • Dr Garner played by Martin Cummins. Geek TV includes: MANTIS! Dark Angel. Painkiller Jane. V. And Sheriff Tom Keller on Riverdale! Thought he looked familiar.
  • Can you really crawl thru vents? Die Hard. Stranger Things
  • Ryan remembers phone numbers and calls the Kents. He’s being held at the Summerholt Institute
  • Ew, needle in the head
  • Awkward transition to the theme song

Act One

  • Writer Philip Levens who wrote Stray as well / director Terrence O’Hara – worked on season 1 Reaper and Obscura
  • Edge City mention
  • The Mayor of Smallville played by William B. Davis, the Cigarette Smoking Man!
  • Lex trying to do things properly but the Mayor has other ideas
  • It’s Nell again! Ohhh here we go. She’s moving to Metropolis and wants Lana to go with. Won’t be seeing her much anymore.
  • Clark: “Ryan’s like a little brother to me.” But only when an episode needs him to be.

Act Two

  • Of course Clark comes to the Institute / was that a Twister game carpet?
  • How did Clark get out of there with no one seeing?
  • Of course they go to Lex / No one knows Ryan has powers.
  • What was Ryan going to tell Clark? Something about Lex?
  • Lex asking my questions. Calls Clark the luckiest guy he ever met. Yup.
  • Uh oh. It’s Sheriff Ethan. Clark in trouble with the law. Again! Seriously – he has to have a potential rap sheet by now.

Act Three

  • Ryan about his aunt: “She couldn’t accept the fact that I was different” – a connection to feelings Clark has had.
  • Lex to the rescue
  • This is all like a path that Clark’s life could’ve taken – but the episode doesn’t really reference that outside of sad looks by Clark
  • So much camaraderie for a kid no one talks about
  • Vonray at the Talon singing Inside Out
  • Ryan spilling all the secrets: Apparently Pete is stressed over Clark’s secret. And Lana moving to Metropolis
  • Kristin Kreuk is a mouth actor
  • Martha has a secret?? Whaaat?
  • Fantasy Comics Warrior Angel in a homage to Action 1 of course
  • Oh no! He bled on Warrior Angel issue 107! No more near mint!
  • Scene Transition from domino mask to Clark’s face. Feels outdated and super obvious.
  • Clark has a fear of flying. I think it was a fear of heights in previous episodes.
  • Ryan’s dying. And no one can SAAAAAAAVE MEEEEEEEE. Sorry. I should be more sympathetic but ehn. Another quiet episode that’s decently produced but I’m not invested in Ryan as a character.

Act Four

  • Clark: “I can’t help Ryan. What kind of hero is that?”
  • Pa: “We have to pray for the best”
  • Child emancipation for Lana
  • Hub City mention
  • Lex falls onto the potential for Ryan to have ESP powers. But cagey Clark doesn’t spill the beans
  • Lex again stepping up giving Clark good advice about spending time with Ryan
  • Issue #66. Devilicus and Warrior Angel were once friends.
  • Ryan: “Why do you think Devilicus went bad?” / Lex: “the road to darkness is a journey not a light switch.” / “You should remember that Lex.”
  • Clark just ran to Hub City. Perhaps the farthest he’s traveled? 400 miles? Running effects not quite polished just yet.
  • Dr Burton

Act Five 

  • Mayor Tate. Lex is going after him politically
  • Mayor: “Outside interests controlling this community.” Like Morgan Edge in the current Superman & Lois.
  • Lana is going to stay with Chloe
  • Hot air balloon. I guess Clark got over his fear of heights.
  • Ryan wants Clark to look after Lex and to never give up. Motivation that I doubt will come up again.
  • Lyric: “Are we ever, are we ever gonna learn to fly”
  • Ryan dies and life goes on. I’ll be surprised if we hear a mention of the character again.
  • Totally fine episode. I just don’t connect with this small addition to Clark’s Smallville origin.


Next episode: Dichotic!


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