The Daily Smallville 01:21 Tempest


01:21: TEMPEST


  • Lionel comes to the Smallville plant. Chloe’s dad again.
  • Closing the plant. 25,000 people out of work.
  • Lionel to Lex: “This was just your training ground and your training is over.”
  • This is like the capitalism meteor storm / just about parallel to Lex’s life change during the meteor storm, Lionel coming in and sweeping the rug out from under him. And causing harm to Smallville in the process.

Act One

  • Philip Levens story / Gough & Millar teleplay / Greg Beeman director
  • Lana says red looks good on Clark. Of course it does. / Chloe said blue earlier in the season
  • Closing the plant doesn’t help Pa’s outlook on the Luthors / and yet Clark still wants to see the good – which is why he’s Superman.
  • Look at Whitney growing. When the writers want it. / yup. Whitney going into the Marines.
  • Wait. Whitney is a senior and Lana is in 9th grade???
  • Ooooo. Clark sees the key at the Mansion! That was fast.
  • “It’ll be a night you won’t forget.” Famous last words, Clark.
  • What the heck was that leaning on the doorframe acting? Melodrama much?
  • Mid episode music
  • Oh damn. Clark blows up / Roger Nixon knows!! Yup definitely a 2 parter with last episode. Just like the first two eps of the season were basically a 2-parter

Act Two

  • Clark is realizing that he’s not feeling heat or getting bruised anymore. All of that growing power over the season.
  • Emerald Knights poster
  • There are a few odd scene to scene jumps here. Roger confronts Clark.
  • Oooo Phelan mention. / Clark tells the Kents that Lex has the missing key to the ship. This isn’t going to end well.

Act Three

  • Roger just flat out says to Lex that he has info on Clark
  • I thought Clark was going to get a red cummerbund?
  • Lex: “My father is dead set on succeeding” – the opposite of Pa and Clark. / “it’s built on lies and deceit. Any relationship with that foundation is destined to fail. Lucky we don’t have that problem.” – that’s exactly why Lex and Clark have their destiny. They are basically both lying to each other for their respective reasons.
  • Lex all but warns Clark about how they could change if he learns something from Roger.
  • Great profile shot of Clark and Lex when they talk about always wanting to remain friends. It’s like they’re squaring up. 
  • Damn. Lana basically told Whitney to shut up and dance. “Everything” Lifehouse. Same song at the end of the first episode of the season, where Clark imagined he was dancing with Lana. Nice call back!

Act Four

  • Wind is picking up
  • Ah. Clark decided not to go with the red
  • You can see how Clark & Chloe just don’t belong with each other.
  • Roger stole the key!
  • Whitney apologizes to Clark. The Pilot bookends even more. / he wants Clark to look after Lana until he gets back. Is this because of Clark’s savior characterization? Does Whitney know anything or suspect? Especially considering the few eps they had together.
  • I thought Pete was going to change his color tie?
  • Ooo Lana gives the meteor necklace to Whitney! Smallville wiki stated it’s previous appearance was its last.
  • Bye Whitney!
  • Roger finds the ship! This dude needs to die.
  • Episode 1 also had a school dance in it.
  • Nooooo! Remy Zero?! Singing the theme song at the dance! That’s weeeeird. And Clark and Pete reference them?!? Meta!!!!
  • It’s Twister!! 3 of them!!
  • That shot of Lana looking at the funnels and the farm – it’s like a modern Andrew Wyeth painting.

Act Five

  • the Key wakes the ship up!
  • Jonathan is ready to end Roger. Go get him Pa.
  • kiss interrupted!!! And Clark goes after Lana – just like he told Chloe he wouldn’t
  • Lex to Lionel: “Forging a new destiny free from you”
  • Twister hits the Lex Mansion! Oh damn this is like some Dynasty madness
  • Lex is going full Lex! Gonna let dad die!
  • Lana’s truck gets sucked up with Clark racing to the rescue! Cliffhanger?! Don’t remember this.
  • This was a good ep for the series to close on, especially since eps 16-18 were average. 19-21 picked up the season nicely. This ep is also a fantastic bookend to the Pilot in more ways than I remembered. References several big moments throughout the season. Leaves the viewers with questions about the love triangle, the Luthors, the ship and what it will offer in the way of knowledge/future stories, Pa vs Roger Nixon, Clark’s power growing, etc. Really enjoyed this episode.


Next week: Season 2 begins!


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