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01:20: OBSCURA


  • Explosion! Meteor rock around Lana. I mean she’s had that necklace forever
  • It’s Chief Tyrol! Aaron Douglass from BSG! Vancouver casting pool continues.
  • Douglass once gave me a head noogie at a con
  • Chloe: “my cousin’s dorm”. Lois reference!
  • KMOTW: is Lana. LSH: Sensor Girl? Precog abilities similar to Dream Girl?
  • An obscura is a darkened enclosure having an aperture usually provided with a lens through which light from external objects enters to form an image of the objects on the opposite surface. Not sure there’s a Legionnaire that translates.
  • Oooo I liked the transition into the main theme here

Act One

  • Story by Greg Walker who is a producer on the current Titans show / teleplay by Michael Green and Mark Verheiden – who also wrote eps 9 & 14 which tie into this ep / director Terrence O’Hara – also directed ep17 which I called the first skippable episode of the season.
  • “The door is closed Clark.” Ma giving Clark a dose of reality about Lana
  • Lex settles up with the livestock loss from ep14 Zero / Pa and Lex shake hands. A truce after a season of holding a grudge from Pa’s end.
  • Roger Nixon back again / Carrie Castle referenced from ep18
  • Lex: “The Kents are under my protection”
  • Roger has a tip that something fell from the sky during the meteor shower. Uh oh. Lex is back on the hunt
  • Clark punching the tractor. Second time he hit something out of anger
  • “But slamming the door in his face over and over only helps turn him into exactly what you think he already is.” Yuuuuup. In this universe, Clark’s not wrong. And Lex has tried to make peace with Jonathan.
  • Another mention of Chloe’s cousin.
  • Creepy guy in the mirror. It’s the cop isn’t it?
  • The mask looks like masks worn by the Winged Monkeys in the Wiz

Act Two

  • third cousin mention / Smallville wiki says it can’t be Lois because of her timeline, but it obviously is meant to tease Lois for the viewers. Especially since they never mention her name. Keeping it vague for a reason
  • is that the same actor playing Chloe’s dad?
  • Lex doesn’t believe the story of a crashing spaceship. Or that it just disappeared. At least not yet.
  • A barn scene between Clark and Lana. It’s been awhile.
  • Chloe transferred from Metropolis in 8th grade. Explains her characterization and why she sometimes feels different from the others. She was Clark’s first kiss back then.
  • Chandler Field. Same windmill as the one Lana wanted to sit on? Lot of call backs this ep.
  • Chloe when Clark saves her: “I knew it was you. It’s always you.”
  • Did the cop see Clark do all of his gifts?

Act Three

  • Chloe got major trauma this season: Falling from Lex’s mansion. The Crush. Now this.
  • Jealous Lana shows again
  • Pa and Clark lifting feed bags – notice the differences because of their strength – but the sound effects of the bags landing is a heavy thud even if Clark is able to lift several at a time.
  • Looks like Lex believed that story after all. And is digging in Miller’s field where Clark was found.
  • Pa gives back the money. Knowing this is the field where the ship crashed, Clark has to get the feeling that Lex is back on the mystery around Clark
  • Hamilton found something. Something from the ship? We don’t see it just yet.
  • Uh oh. Whitney’s going to join the military?
  • Clark and Lex again about the original car accident, needing the truth, a ship crashing down. Again – if Clark would tell Lex the truth this would all go down differently. But that’s not the point.
  • Chloe: “Tall theories in a single bound”
  • De Kretser Syndrome linking people during times of trauma
  • Uh oh. Killer cop. Oh wait! It’s not the Chief!

Act Four

  • Clark. Just kinda faster than a speeding bullet. / stands up to bullets for the first time I think. In other cases it was by accident or he was trying not to be hit. Smallville wiki says this is the first time you hear the sound a bullet makes when it hits Clark but we heard that in Leech as well when Lex fired at Clark. Sounded like metal.
  • How does Lana not wonder how and why Clark is there to rescue her?!
  • Ugh. Crazy cop death by gun. Intense scene. And Lana sees it all right up to the bullet that ends his life.

Act Five

  • uh oh Roger was spying on Clark. Bad news.
  • Chloe gets an internship at the Daily Planet. Characters getting ready for the season summer break.
  • Clark asks Chloe to the formal. Pushing this couple even if we know it won’t last
  • Ohhhh it’s a metal fragment. Hamilton says it’s metal of alien origin with Kryptonian symbols.
  • Yup. Key to the ship! Took a season but we’re pushing back into Lex’s hunt for answers.
  • This definitely feels like the first of a two parter


Next episode: Tempest!


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