The Daily Smallville 01:18 Drone


01:18 DRONE


  • cgi bumblebee. Obvious foreshadowing.
  • Election for class president coming up. With Felice’s group looking like a bunch of Mean Girls.
  • Paul Chan straight up ripping off Siegel and Shuster for his campaign poster
  • Who is the Queen Bee?! Sasha or Felice?
  • Prologue into the main theme was connected by Paul’s scream but the cgi bee swarm kinda ruined it.

Act One

  • Greg Beeman EP. Ha. / Michael Green & Philip Levens writer / Michael Katleman director
  • Pete Ross the Kingmaker
  • Carrie Castle. Reporter. Trying to get a scoop on Lex
  • Lex about Smallville: “Nothing around here is what it seems.”
  • Yea – Sasha definitely fits the introvert turned villain trope. But Felice has that Queen Bee with her drones thing. Hmmm?

Act Two

  • Surprisingly the Kents are behind Clark running for Class President
  • The Beanery is stealing customers from the Talon. I wondered what would become of that rivalry since early eps took place at the Beanery.
  • Lana notices Clark innate sense of justice.
  • Lex giving Clark advice: “The man of tomorrow is forged by the battles of today.” That’s not a bad theme for the entire show
  • “Truth justice and other stuff”
  • Yuuup. Sasha’s the QB. LSH: Insect Queen again. Or Queen Bee.

Act Three

  • Chloe endorses Paul over Clark.
  • “Why does everyone over 40 quote The Godfather.” Ouch.
  • Felice drives a Bug. Or a white bumblebee
  • Damn. That’s a grizzly attack
  • “Leaps and bounds”
  • Back and forth dialogue between Clark and Lana about the election and the Talon felt super amateur.
  • Bee attack at the Talon! How does Clark explain the frozen bees?

Act Four

  • Clark says Chloe has been the most constant in his life through all of his changes. Some groundwork being laid there?
  • Shuster’s Gorge. The largest meteor crater. Where Sasha was swarmed. Definitely a KMOTW without showing any actual meteor rocks. That feels like a first.
  • Sasha’s wearing a striped shirt. / Clark standing up to Sasha – funny considering how short she is.
  • Uh oh another attack on Martha

Act Five

  • Clark Kent. Bee killer. Cool explosion tho
  • Clark quoting Pa: “you learn more about yourself when you lose”
  • Lex: “you don’t need to be an elected official to change the world” / “someday I’d like to be president.” / in the comics Pete Ross is Lex’s VP.
  • Turns out the reporter was just another plot by Lionel, once again outsmarted by Lex.
  • Clark reads his speech to Lana. Cute.
  • third ep in a row where the KMOTW plot was way overshadowed. Almost as if that’s not as important. Which I guess is a good thing – flipping the script and focus the show to the lives of all the characters rather than just Clark and a KMOTW. In this later part of the season I suppose that’s smart. Just feels flat.


Next episode: Crush!


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