The Daily Smallville 01:17 Reaper


01:17 REAPER


  • Tyler Randall. Meteor bracelet. Which gets impacted into his skin almost like a later version of Doctor Spectrum from Squadron Supreme.
  • Removing it infuses his dead body. But why?
  • KMOTW: LSH. Mano? Someone with a death touch.

Act One

  • Cameron Litvack writer / Terrence O’Hara director
  • Tyler has weird bloodshot eyes
  • Dominic. Has come back to look for money Lex is spending.
  • Will to Power book by Nietzsche Lionel gave Lex as a kid. “Behold the Superman”. Is that the first time that description is used?
  • The way Lionel is raising Lex (strategy, warfare, tactics, philosophy) vs Pa raising Clark (morals, emotionality, kindness) has been an obvious parallel this season

Act Two

  • Dominic is investigating why Lex was researching his accident with Clark. And tells Pa that Lex has also been researching the Kents.
  • Hmmm. Is Tyler going to kill or save Mr Whitney?
  • Oooo a blow up between Pa and Clark. Over Lex and protecting Clark’s secret. Ouch. Clark feeling like he doesn’t need protection.

Act Three

  • Ma in the middle. Apparently Pa and his dad had bad history. 4th mention of the grandfather.
  • Chloe says Human Torch. Ooop. Wrong universe.
  • Lex admits that he’s envious of the Kents as a family. / Pa and Lex finally being honest with each other in their dislike for each other and why.
  • Whitney’s words about his sick dad – hitting home for Clark because of his dust up with Pa
  • Daily Planet mention
  • Clark’s X-ray vision is truly X-ray. Always sees skeletons rather than just through walls.
  • Clark is almost affected by Tyler’s powers.

Act Four

  • I get the grudge match between Clark and Pa but seems forced for drama. The show is usually smarter than that. / obvious Clark and Lex parallels
  • Even some of the location shots are wonky.

Act Five

  • Using Tyler to advance Whitney’s story with his dad. Just feels like a generic procedural show more than what Smallville’s been offering to date. Or maybe it’s because he’s one of the first KMOTW to just randomly be empowered. Not by the meteor shower but just because he has a meteor bracelet with no explanation.
  • Tyler touches himself to death. Ew.
  • Lionel: “You will always be my son. And you will always need me.” Until Lex doesn’t need him. Or tires of the game.
  • At Clark’s request, Lex arranges for Whitney to play with the Metropolis Sharks – which Lionel apparently owns – for his dad to see.
  • Lex and Pa seem to reach a stalemate. Talking about miracles.
  • Clark: “Lex feels he’s become part of our lives.”
  • Clark and Pa make up. The day of fishing vs Lionel’s game. Spending time with Clark vs testing Lex.
  • Oooo joke final line of dialogue. Ouch.
  • hmmmm second episode in a row that felt a little flat. At least the ending felt solid. But beyond that, and a few other small details, this feels like the first episode in the season that could be skipped.


Next episode: Drone!


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