The Daily Rios 325: Mini/Maxi Series: DC

Part one of a look back at DC’s mini/maxi-series from the ’80s covering 1980 thru 1984. (27:39)

1 thought on “The Daily Rios 325: Mini/Maxi Series: DC

  1. – Untold Legend of the Batman: I actually read the paperback version of this–not a comic-sized TPB, but actual “book-sized” paperback. Looking back, I wonder how I managed to read those word balloons, as condensed as they were. I imagine they must have even cut up the actual pages to make the panels fit. it was such a novel thing to find at my local bookstore, I had to buy it. Plus, prime Byrne & Aparo art–always good.

    – Camelot 3000: this story was mindblowing, for me. the art from Brian Bolland is just amazing, so detailed, so precise, and so traditionally beautiful. And the story is right up my alley–high fantasy, with the highest fantasy of all, Camelot, infused with a futuristic sci-fi vibe. I love this series. Might have to pull it down to re-read soon.

    – Ronin: I read Dark Knight and Born Again, in collected form, very close together, followed soon after by Year One. After that, I was all in with Frank Miller, and Ronin was the next big book I read of his, and it was like none of those previous works, and it was, and is, wonderful. The influence of Goseki Kojima and other manga artist is evident in the linework, and the coloring and story was so distinct. Another classic. I got a chance to see the Gallery Edition at Baltimore Con this past September, and it is just phenomenal.

    – Sword of the Atom is a favorite, definitely. My introduction to Gil Kane, it was interesting for its setting and its isolation from the rest of the heroic world. I went back and re-read it a few years ago. the writing may be dated a bit, but the art is still beautiful and well worth reading.

    – Super Powers: I bought all three series. I think I knew, at the time, they weren’t that great. But I loved the huge cast of characters being utilized, with some pretty cool imagery, including the Easter Island setting, as it reminded me of the Super Friends cartoon I loved. Tried re-reading it recently, and it’s a hard slog, made even more challenging by the fact that Kirby is more a cover artist and inspiration than an interior artist.

    – Jemm, Son of Saturn: this was my introduction to Gene Colan’s art, and I think, above everything else, that is why I picked it up. It looked like nothing else I was buying at the time, and it kept me engaged with each successive issue. I haven’t read it since it was originally published, but for the art alone, I have to believe this is worth having in my collection. to the bargain bins!

    – Superman the Secret Years: I remember nothing of this series, but what has stuck with me three decades later is the cover by Miller where Superman had stopped a train (maybe a semi-truck) with a young kid sitting in front of him as he strains against the crushed front of the vehicle. Considered by many not to be any good. I’d be interested to check it out again, if I could find it cheaply.

    Thanks again for all these good memories you’re helping release in my brain. Looking forward to part two.


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