The Daily Rios 324: Limited Series: Marvel

A look back at Marvel’s limited series from the ’80s (Secret Wars XII?). (23:38)

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  1. 1980s Marvel Minis

    I’m sure you are not surprised that talking 1980s comics is right in my wheelhouse too. Loved this episode. Any chance to relive my childhood, in this way, is always much appreciated. Probably why I’m working on a post, or series of posts maybe, on my own Top 5 comic annuals (responding to the recent CGS episode), all of which fall within this time period. You’ll probably dig it, when it goes live. But, enough about me. (or not) Here are some of my thoughts/favorites for this topic, powered by . . . Nostalgia TM

    Wolverine – I echo your sentiments. Claremont’s logorrhea (sorry, I was reading Harlan Ellison last night) just diluted any enjoyment I may have gotten from that. I’ve only read it once, never been able to go back to it. I appreciate Claremont’s plotting, but his actual, on-the-page writing just kills me every time. And, like you, I came to Wolverine through the…

    Kitty Pryde & Wolverine mini—loved that series. I don’t remember anything at all about it. I do remember reading it multiple times, when I was younger. And yeah, loved it.

    Punisher – you were correct, the fifth issue does not have Mike Zeck artwork, which was, and is, a disappointment. This series I found so engaging. Punisher in prison, with Jigsaw (I think) as the big bad. This was my intro to the Punisher, and for a few years I collected his comics. But, eventually, I moved past what felt like the same old same old with Frank. Still, love this original mini and the follow-up hardcover graphic novel.

    Beauty & the Beast – another of my favorites, though I remember nothing about it. Those Sienkiewicz covers certainly had to be the gateway that lured me in. Knowing that Ann Nocenti wrote it, I can guess at how unconventional it must be, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. Her Daredevil run is my all-time favorite run—and I have read Miller and Bendis and Brubaker and Waid.

    Nick Fury vs. SHIELD – this was another mini-series I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my introduction to Nick Fury, and the fact that is was “prestige format” made it feel all the more special. And, again, there’s a Sienkiewicz cover on issue 2 that is amazing.

    Secret Wars – Oh, man. So many great ideas, muddled by overwriting and stretching out what probably should have only been a 4 or 6 issue series. This was the series that introduced me to the Marvel superhero universe, and the one that pulled me in and got me collecting a bunch of titles. It was issue #4, the cover where Hulk is holding up a mountain, keeping it from crushing him and the dozen or so heroes stuck in the dark with him. That was the image that got me to buy it, and the story, with Reed Richards continuing to berate and belittle the Hulk to make him stronger, so that he will be able to keep the mountain from crushing them all—I loved that. Doesn’t hold up to re-reads, but I have a soft spot for it.

    Thanks again, Peter, for the podcast and the work you put into it. Good luck with the upcoming shows, as well as school, and I’ll see you around the interwebs.


  2. What have I started!! I LOVED all of these episodes Peter. You really know how to answer a question! Seeings you spent so much time and care following up on my question I will absolutely leave feedback and thoughts on all of these episodes!!

    My Favorite memories of Marvel Limited series start with The Punisher. Mike Zeck took this lame ass character and turned him into a certified badass! The covers alone I remember where I was in my friends bedroom literally “Marvelling” at how great and violent these were!

    Team America and U.S.1 were also limited series (Even though both technically were not considered limited series upon release morphed into one) that are rarely mentioned. The use of vehicles as the crux for a comic book was very strange but the covers always grabbed me as a kid. I was an easy comics fool at the time.

    As for the Wolverine Limited series…it was a bore then and remains so to this day. I am amazed how influential this book actually was. It speaks to how hot Frank Miller was in his day!

    Glad to see I was not alone in my love of the Hawkeye Limited Series. I am afraid to reread it today in the case it does not hold

    This episode basically answered my question…who had the better mini series Marvel or DC? Well Marvel has one episode..DC has three…with the law of averages alone..DC wins. I cant wait to get over to comment on those shows!

    I will give a special shout out to The Machine Man mini series. This character is one of two characters (The Other being Speedball!) I feel if written and illustrated by the right creators can be money!

    Thanks again for covering this topic!! Great episode!! You win points with me as well pointing out The Jack Of Hearts stuff! Why is there no Jack Of Hearts Podcast out there?

    Okay..that’s my random collection of thoughts for now.

    Hero Out!

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