The Daily Rios 365: Happy 75th Birthday, WW!

Celebrating Wonder Woman Day and the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman through cartoons, TV shows and other pop culture appearances. (24:13)


(00:00) “Wonder Woman” from Stories And Songs About The Justice League Of America record
(00:54) 1966: scenes from Wonder Woman: the Return of Brunhilde record

(02:25) 1967: scenes from the Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? unaired TV pilot
(03:26) 1972: scenes from the Brady Kids cartoon, “It’s All Greek to Me” (her first broadcast appearance)

(04:40) 1974: Opening Theme, Wonder Woman ABC TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby
(04:59) 1975: Opening Theme, Wonder Woman TV show season 1
(05:25) 1976: scene from Wonder Woman: the Secret of the Magic Tiara record

(07:13) 1977: Opening Theme, the New Adventures of Wonder Woman season 2
(07:39) 1977: Wonder Woman Mego Toy commerical
(08:08) 1978: Opening Theme, the New Adventures of Wonder Woman season 3
(08:39) 1978: scene from Challenge of the Super Friends, “Fairy Tale of Doom” voiced by Shannon Farnon

(09:30) 1983: scene from Super Heroes: Wonder Woman: Torment in Paradise cassette tape
(12:34) 1984: promo for Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, voiced by Connie Cawlfield
(12:53) 1985: scene from The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, “the Darkseid Deception” voiced by B. J. Ward
(13:30) 1988: scenes from Superman, “Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time” voiced by B. J. Ward

(15:01) 1995: Wonder Woman music from Justice League Task Force video game
(15:57) 2001: scenes from the Justice League cartoon, “Secret Origins” voiced by Susan Eisenberg
(16:56) 2008: scene from Justice League: the New Frontier animated movie, voiced by Lucy Lawless

(18:36) 2009: scene from Wonder Woman animated movie, voiced by Keri Russell
(19:28) 2011: scene from Batman: the Brave & the Bold teaser, “Scorn of the Star Sapphire!” voiced by Vicki Lewis
(21:05) 2013: music from Wonder Woman DC Nation short
(21:28) 2015: scenes from DC SuperHero Girls, “Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman”
(22:01) 2016: scene from Batman v Superman 

(22:42) 2016: “Wonder Woman theme” from Batman v Superman

2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 365: Happy 75th Birthday, WW!

  1. Really enjoyed this, Peter.

    Still proud to say that my first published work, in print, was for Pacesetter #6, the issue spotlighting George Perez’s work on Wonder Woman.

    1. I have that one – I’m (very) slowly making my way through all of them and the three-issue George Perez Newsletter that preceded it. Cool!

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