The Daily Rios 306: Feedback Friday (on Saturday)

Listener response to Christopher Priest comic collections, the Ultimate Superhero Movie List and more! (13:15)


2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 306: Feedback Friday (on Saturday)

  1. Peter: FYI You and Pants are now forever linked in BGSU’s Browne Popular Culture Library archive. I donated the book on comics/podcasting that you guys signed at C2E2 a few years back. I just now learned they listed you each in the special notes line of their entry on this text.

  2. Great show Pete!! Loved your idea of re-releasing the old Marvel Limited Series. I loved the Hawkeye and Night crawler solo mini’s..they were great! I still think DC did a better job of their minis then Marvel. Case in point the Teen Titan mini’s in the 80s were always a favorite of mine. Peter which company did a better job in your opinion and which series on both sides did you enjoy most?

    Keep em coming..

    Hero Out. .

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