3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.26.12: Fireside Chit-Chat

  1. Funny I have looked at your Tumbler a hundred times and it was only until you mentioned the 365 thing on this podcast that I put 2 and 2 together. I just thought ” what a great batch of comic covers” never once realizing they were all bundled by numeric order.

    As for the Shaw debate I feel Kenny38606 was correct when he said that if Shaw was unfrozen then it would have been guaranteed that he would attempt to kill Erik. Wish they brought this cart back for one more film. First Class was the BEST X-men movie since the original.

    As well, wondered if you were still trying to keep up with Revolution? Hope you will discuss it during your next TV episode. I gave up after episode 5 as it seemed nothing of any value was happening. NBC does great work on Twitter promoting the show but when the Tweets are better than what is actually happening on screen then you know its trouble!

    As well I am a firm believer that “Pretty Girl” is not real but rather some cell phone app as no real girl friend is that cool. My wife fell asleep during Empire Strikes Back when we were first dating! UNFORGIVEN! LOL.

    Anyway good work keep em coming.

  2. Chris! “Pretty Girl” is definitely real and owns more geek-related DVDs than I do. As well as an old school Nintendo 64 console (I think that’s the one). DVD seasons of Heroes, Chuck, the Nolan-Batman trilogy, the new Star Trek – she def out-geeks me on that front. 🙂

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