2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 10.11.12: R’views

  1. Spoilers ahoy!

    I Enjoyed both issues. Don’t think Havok is as clean as Cap thinks he is. The big thing I took from AvX is that new mutants are showing up again so Cyclops accomplished his goal. I felt like I should support Red She-Hulk so I jumped on board. I’m also a parker fan and had been following the title in trades up to that point.

    I enjoy the podcast Chris Sims co-hosts but he does have certain sensibilities. I rarely check out Comics Alliance website itself. I don’t know if I would call his credibility into question. He does like Jeff Parker’s writing. I never thought about the same when reading Red She-Hulk. It’s hard to say if I would have if I had read Sword of Sorcery. Maybe he will come at it the same way I did.

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