The Daily Rios 10.10.12: New Comics Wednesday

Marvel Now begins! Saga vol.1! Chris Ware! Adrian Tomine! Mattias Adolfsson! Even Obama! And more! (11:02)


Best American Comics 2012:

Building Stories by Chris Ware:

Mattias Unfiltered Art Sketchbook:

Mattias Adolfsson videos:

Obama HC by Steven Weissman:



1 thought on “The Daily Rios 10.10.12: New Comics Wednesday

  1. Hey Peter, just watched that Mattias Adolfsson video of the sketchbook, that is crazy stuff! Great episode man, loved the Marvel Now discussion.

    I am cautiously optimistic over this relaunch. DC New 52 was an overall success but many titles ended up cancelled of the early offerings..but maybe that’s the key. Offer short term titles with more obscure characters to see what sticks. Its literally a future building exercise. Now when we see Voodoo, or Ressurection Man, or god forbid Mister Terrific..(Is that not the worst name in comic book history or what?)

    DC for example cannot always rely on Batman to keep it in needs to fill that gap with the next generation of heroes for the new generation of comic book fan. Image proved it could be done. Maybe its time the big two tried another “New Universe” idea and leave our favorite titles alone and stop rebooting everything!!! Arrggghh!

    Anyways..I am rambling. Good episode man..keep em coming.

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