4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 09.27.12: Comics Timeline: September

  1. Hey Dude, thanks for mentioning DC’s ‘Wasteland’ on this show. I’d never heard of it, but love horror anthologies. I immediately went to Mile High Comic’s website and picked up the entire 18 issue run, plus one sexy mis-print (issue 6?) for $28. Pretty good deal in my book. Looking forward to digging into those. Hopefully horror from DC in 1987 turns out to be good, and they actually have all the issues, as I have been shorted on a few previous orders because they didn’t. Will let you know how what I think once they arrive. Nice getting a chance to chat with you, Phil, and Julian at SPX, and thanks again for the tip. Keep up the great work.


    Michael (aka Mickey)

  2. Hey Peter,

    Loved this episode. The Timeline brought back a lot of memories for me and I could not help but laugh at the 80s DC Millennium event mention. I hated that super hero group that came from those books The New Guardians.

    Thanks for a great show..keep em coming.

    @charlton_hero (Twitter)

  3. Chris! Thanks for the listen! I’ve always liked doing comic history timeline sound offs – even before I ever heard of the word podcast. So there’ll be plenty more!

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