The Daily Rios 08.24.12: Feedback Friday

Listeners chime in on TV shows, workouts, Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple, a CGS/Civil War clarification and more! (28:23)


2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 08.24.12: Feedback Friday

  1. Hey Rioooos.

    For us comic fans and Rios/cgs fans out there, I think we love the large role the comic discussion takes in your cast…AND I would say in me humble Oh-pinion…
    Don’t separate the personal life take and make a single podcast just on comics.

    I think what makes this cast unique is the blending of your life, your whims what you want to do with the cast. The clash of all of Rios’ world into one show, in which, comics happen to play a big role. As they should!

    Nibble on that crunch face and do whatever you want but wanted to give feedback when I heard it.


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