14 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 05.03.13: You Decide

  1. I stand by everything you took from my show… without asking me . We also had Pants on The Aw Yeah Podcast . You don’t get it Peter, we love Pants. Jamie was rude to me from day one when we met in SD in 2006, and frankly I treat him no differently than anyone else who’s rude.

  2. The Pants one comes across as a friendly ribbing, especially since Artie was the one who brought up Pants.

    The Jamie impression does strike me as a little mean. Even if he was rude to you, John, you could be the bigger man.

  3. Initially, my first thought was “Satire is a form of flattery.” Knowing what I know of John, I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body. Where it passed from satire into mocking was in it’s length. It went on WAY too long. Imagine being Pants listening to this. Knowing what I know of Peter, he was sticking up for a friend. I respect and like the both of you immensely and I don’t think there was malice intended but, as someone who has been the victim of cruel remarks and insensitive behavior for who I am, the initial show should never have aired. It’s the comments, deeds and behavior of those who dont think it hurts others that often hurts the most.

  4. First off, I have lost a lot of respect for Siuntres. And you say you stand behind all of that? Secondly, the impressions were low quality. There is a line, and Siuntries crossed it.

  5. This is the kind of stuff Ian and I take out of the episodes, and leave out of the back material. It’s fine to do, but when everyone is rooting everybody on, the line gets blurry when u put it for all to hear. It’s like ur mom says, “if u can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – and don’t post it on the interwebs…”

  6. That was really tough to listen to and pissed me off, and I speak as someone who only knows Brian and Jamie from CGS and have had the briefest of conversations with them at Super Show. Can’t imagine how it would feel to be a close friend and discover this, Pete.

    There may have been no animus intended on the part of John Siuntres, but that doesn’t change how something like this could and would be perceived by many – as hurtful and spiteful and demeaning toward both Brian and Jamie. Too bad Mr. Siuntres, in his remarks above, is too smug to see that.

  7. C’mon Pete. Enough is enough. You and John have drug each other into the mud ala Hal and Ollie in GL #79 (V1). If we expect professionalism from our comic creators, then our comic pundits must do so as well. John made fun of Jamie and Brian’s voices. Guess what? They have odd voices. There have been times (pre illness) where I had trouble listening to Jamie. There was no slander or defamation of character in this audio, and Pants just recently said he met up with this crew at a con. Reading several John’s posts on TheComicForums, I think this stems form frustration with the evolution of CGS which I have experienced myself as well. Part of that evolution was your mysterious exit, so is this even your battle to wage? It sometimes feels like you’re on this crusade to be the be all end all voice on comic book culture which is how you end up in circular debates on Twitter. You and John have a wealth of knowledge about the comic industry and broadcasting, but have very different opinions on it’s continued success. You should embrace these differences in perspectives and record a lively and civil discussion. That’s my two cents.

    1. Was Peter’s exit from CGS really “mysterious”? He came on the show, said “at this point in my life, I got things to do” and left the show. By mysterious, do you mean that you wanted Peter to explain his life in extreme detail as proof that he’s too busy for the show? I felt it was enough.

      It’s not a political resignation or anything. It’s people putting on a free podcast, and when they don’t have time for it, maybe they move on.

  8. Keep in mind here, guys, that this is edited. This is 11 minutes of a 2 hour podcast. John does voices and stuff from earlier in the episode gets called back later on.

    1. In this clip alone, he basically outlines how he relates to each person he imitates. I’m a radiophile. I have heard people wish death and say horrific things to each other. As a piece of audio standing on its own, this doesn’t move me.

      I think that what has been said between Peter and John on Twitter has been far more damning than this clip. It’s been pretty sad to see.

  9. I remember back when the Aw Yeah podcast was great when it was just Art and Franco. Loved that show. Then John joined and quickly dominated the show like he always does in shows he appears on and I stopped listening after a few episodes. I’m surprised that it still exists.

  10. I agree with everything VichusSmith said. The only thing that this twitter feud has done is show me how immature people can act in a public venue.

    I can understand people being offended by John’s comments, but if Rios wanted to be professional he could’ve spoken with John privately. Instead he got on his high horse. “Making fun of people is wrong. Tune into my next episode where I make fun of you for making fun of people.”

    I will never be listening to a Rios podcast again. Life’s too short for this silliness.

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