1 thought on “The Daily Rios 05.02.13: The Marvel Now Report Card part four

  1. Pete,

    Your preface to this episode reminded me of the time a group of us (all couples with geek guys & understanding women) went to see X-Men 3. After the movie, we went out to eat and to discuss the film. We went around the table giving our ratings (out of 5 stars) and I gave it 3.5. The fellow who started the conversation was surprised and didn’t understand why I graded it so high. I explained that I was judging it on my expectations of what this type of film should do rather than judging it against “Oscar-nominated” films or “small, indy dramas.” And he saw my point, which didn’t keep him from going off on it, but that’s Izzy.

    One can certainly judge all film along a singular track (or comics, or books, or TV), but it’s also an apples/oranges thing. I watch Mission Impossible for one reason, and I watch the Seventh Seal for another. They aspire to different ends, and I can appreciate that and enjoy them on their own level.

    Which is not to say that I don’t fall into the trap of making broad, biased statements, especially regarding the debate of “indy” comics vs. “corporate” comics. But I try not to do that as often as I might have in the past. Brian Hibbs was actually the first one to call me out on that, in an interview I did with him when I first started writing about comics online, and I’ve always appreciated that.


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