2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 04.03.13: New Comics Wednesday & Previews

  1. Pete,

    Agree completely with your minor rant on adding story pages to the collection. Especially with how ubiquitous the internet is today, and has been for some time, I don’t see why creators can’t also put these additional pages up online somewhere for readers to download for free. For anyone who did not get the original issues, there would be little upside to them downloading them (though it might work as a teaser for the trade), and for those who did support the floppies, it would be a nice thank you to them and engender some good will rather than the frustration that comes from this practice.

    Fantagraphics did a similar thing with their oversized hardcover Love & Rockets collections, put forth as a story decision. In those big hardcovers, there are a few stories not collected that can be found in the more recent trade collections, which contain everything from the original 50-issue run of L&R. The difference – from a cursory glance of the trades – seems to be as little as a handful of pages, which prompts the question of why they didn’t just throw them into the hardcover. Some day, I do plan on getting the trades (it’s just an easier way to read them) and will be able to do a more thorough comparison then. But still, a bit frustrating.


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