The Daily Rios 03.14.13

A casual Throwback Thursday episode pulling random topics from an older personal/comic book blog. (24:19)


3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 03.14.13

  1. Another fun show, Peter. Comicspace! 60 cent comics! Baxter books! (from your 100 things…) I really enjoyed this.

    Comicspace – yeah, I had an account. Got an opportunity to do a translation for an artist’s comic story, discovered how difficult that really is (though it was a great challenge, too), and had to bow out when it started taking up too much of my time with little to show for it.

    Also, was surprised Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez wasn’t on your 100 things you love about DC list.

    Thanks again for the show and keep up the good work. Look forward to chatting with you at Super Show.

    take care,

    1. Chris! Responded on Feedback Friday for March 15th. I’d be interested in reading a Top 100 Things I Like About Comics from your perspective!

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