The Daily Rios 03.12.13

A quick look at the comic book convention scene through May. (12:36)


Comic Timing Extra Point podcast:

Comic Related:


Lexington Comic and Toy Con:

Planet Comicon:

MOCCA Arts Fest:

CGS Super Show:


East Coast Black Age of Comics Con:

Puerto Rico Comic Con:

Denver Comic Con:

4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 03.12.13

  1. Not much to do on International Drive. I’ll have to remember that one. Just picking!

    The year you guys came down MegaCon was held in the new(er) convention center (the one that looks like a modern day crystal palace) I believe. I remember talking to you guys–Murd and Pants mainly, you were chatting up some of the (ahem) younger anime attendees, so we only exchanged howdies lol..

    The family and I will be going again this weekend, giving away some free samples of a serial I’ve started, STENCIL (plug plug: and long-box diving. Thinking about buying some art, too. And people watching. Megacon is an always fascinating, sometimes bewildering, people watching event. I’ve been every year since 2000. Crazy to see how much it has grown over the years.

  2. You Forgot about Wondercon. Its Easer weekend in Anaheim Ca. It is a show put on by the San Diego Con, and It was in San Francisco in the past.

  3. Nope – didn’t forget. I didn’t list ALL the cons, just a few standouts. Didn’t mention WonderCon precisely because they moved out of San Fran. I was all set to go in 2011 when they made the change. Anaheim holds no draw for me. Which stinks cause I’d love to get out to Cali. again.

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