The Daily Rios 03.11.13: Movie Monday

Die Hard 4, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus and more. (29:54)


Why Unbreakable is the Secret Meta-Sequel to Die Hard:

2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 03.11.13: Movie Monday

  1. Another fun episode, Pete. I’ve been slowly trying to catch up on movie watching too (along with reading, writing, family time, etc. etc.) and watched Prometheus myself. I agree with much of what you said here. It was a fun science fiction film that was beautifully shot. Not as deep as I might prefer – I wish Idris Elba had been given more to work with, along with Charlize Theron and others, but as long as it kept me interested and engaged, I can’t complain. I had no problem with it “not being an Alien movie” and look forward to any possible sequels, especially if they can get Michael Fassbender back. Like you mentioned, he was phenomenal.

    A couple other films I’ve watched recently were Morning Glory (come on, it’s Harrison Ford & Diane Keaton) and I’m in the middle of The Company Men (has nobody informed Kevin Costner that he shouldn’t do accents?). Morning Glory wasn’t bad – not great, but Ford and Keaton certainly brought it up to a level where I didn’t turn it off fifteen minutes in – and Company Men is engaging thus far, with Tommy Lee Jones and Craig T. Nelson putting in strong performances while I wait to see if Chris Cooper is given a bit more to work with in the latter half.

    (God, I’m a rambler)

    Finally, seek out Rashomon. Seek out Seven Samurai. Seek out High & Low. Seek out anything by Akira Kurosawa (except for his second film, the title escapes me now, which was a propaganda film; Kurosawa cites it as his favorite film, but that’s because he met his wife on set). I’ve watched maybe a hanful of his films and with the exception of the propaganda film, they have all been incredibly engaging despite the simplicity of the surface elements. Kurosawa is often cited as THE film director, the most revered above any other, and I can see why after watching a number of his films.

    Thanks for all you do, sir. Enjoy Spring Break.

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