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  1. Although I never listened to them, I can see from the clips why you liked them.

    I don’t know if I have 5, but I really enjoyed the original Around Comics lineup (well, not sure if they were THE original, but with Sal, Tom and Chris).

    Similarly, CGS isn’t half of what it used to be since you and Deemer left. And this is coming from someone who liked Mike G.

    That’s about it for comic book podcasts. There was a podcast whose name I can’t remember, something Martini, where a skeptic would interview UFOlogists or ghost hunters that was entertaining until it fell off the fae of the earth. Near the end he started flipping out on his guests, just start unloading all this bile on them, which was, needlessly to say, fascinating in a train wreck kind of way. I hope he’s better now.

    1. Disclaimer: My CGS comment was intended to be a compliment to Peter and Deemer rather than a criticism to the current crew.

  2. VERY good episode Pete. A couple of those I actually listened to, others I had no idea what they were other than that they sounded very interesting.As I said before I got into comics podcasting halfway through CGS original run and was hooked. I enjoy all kinds of podcasts today. I listen to Wrestling podcasts, comics podcasts, and retro podcasts. I certainly have my own top 10 list as well.

    As for the other listeners comments about the downfall of CGS I have to step in and throw my comments in here. I still hold CGS in high regard. As for it being half of what it used to be I have to disagree. When CGS lost yourself and Deemer yes it was a horiffic loss and the impact was felt immediately. The 10 or so episodes after you left Peter were uncharted territory and I too were fearing the worst for the guys. Deemer began to sound disgruntled and the fun sounded manufactured.

    Then Deemer left and another blow was given to the starship CGS. Something happened and some how out of the ashes the guys managed to pull it back together. The new CGS have had some of the BEST episode CGS has ever done. The Spotlight of the ages series with Chris Eberley are always top notch episodes. The comic talk episodes, the talks with Joe Sergi ,Uncle Sal,Tiz and other artists are fantastic and as good as they ever were.

    Pants finally sounding comfortable in the lead role on the show along with Jamie D, Murd, Shane, and at times Matt have kept the lights on in the house and I am still a big fan.

    CGS is like Guns N Roses..everyone wants the original band back together, yet the current make shift band still makes good music and we got excellent solo projects from the others.

    Besides now I still get CGS AND the Daily Rios..so I win..thanks guys!

    1. It’s official: I regret mentioning CGS!

      I’m not sure GNR is the best analogy though lol, I don’t think anyone’s confusing Chinese Democracy with Appetite. I think they’re the classic case of the sum being greater than the parts.

      Pink Floyd? They sold a ton of records after Roger Waters left and made great music, but for some people they weren’t the same. Good, great even, just not the same. Hell, some people say that about the band when Syd Barrett left.

      Van Hagar maybe?

      But I digress. My point is that I didn’t mean dump on the current crew. I like them a lot. Just saying I miss all the originals together. Saying ‘half of what it used to be’ was again meant to praise Peter and Deemer not bury CGS, with all apologies to Shakespeare for mangling his line.

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