The Daily Rios 01.10.13: Best of 2012 Day 8

Today’s Best Of category features the most satisfying back issue run completion! (11:03)


Cupcakes N Comics Podcast:

Reading Watchmen:

Secret History from Archaia:

4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 01.10.13: Best of 2012 Day 8

  1. Mine was by far original Marvel Star Wars and GI Joe. As a kid these franchises were my life and these books were so good early in their runs that it was the perfect extension of my play with toys as it added character to my figures. Each run saw a decline after issue 50 of both and were dead by issues 80 of both books sad but ill never forget picking up the last issue of both books and thinking I dont want to collect comics any more.

    The new incarnations of the books do not fill that gap for me. GI Joe in a way is okay with the current Hama run but the art is what takes me out of the fact this is not the same book.

    1. Sometimes you just need to finish a run, even if it isn’t great. It wasn’t a long run but I was glad to finish a full set of Power of the Atom. And then I read it. Yikes. Not good. Haha. Quickly sold that one off.

  2. Pete,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding the Reading Watchmen site. It was humbling and much appreciated. And thanks for offering up a new Igor Kordey book I need to seek out when answering my “best of” offering. I loved his work on SMOKE with Alex de Campi and felt, given the short deadline he had, that his work on New X-Men was good, if not great.


    1. Chris! I imagine Secret History might be something you’d appreciate. Let me know what you think if you get your hands on it!

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