The Daily Rios 01.09.13: NCW & Best of 2012 Day 7

Comic suggestions for today and from the new Previews! Plus, the Best prematurely cancelled title of 2012! (31:03)


Christian Ward:

Jack Jackson’s American History: Los Tejanos & Lost Cause HC:

Shako GN:

2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 01.09.13: NCW & Best of 2012 Day 7

  1. OMAC was great I will agree. Keith Giffen is an artist that I loathed back in the 80s. I read HEX faithfully and I blamed him for that books demise. (I know differently now that by the time Giffen had joined the book it was DOA.) I read all kinds of New Universe books and what do you know..Giffen begins on JUSTICE..and instant cancellation.

    I hated his art. Everyone had a style..Giffens layouts looked like a mess in my young mind. Plus he ruined Hex so FUCK Keith Giffen I said.

    Years later I read copies of Legion of the Superheroes that he had done and they looked great. Could this be the same guy who drew AND crucified Hex? I read ambush bug and loved it..his style suited that book. Then he wrote Justice League International which is one of my favorite all time titles. My opinion began to change. I sought out his work as I got older and like others whos work I had shunned (Kirby and Ditko included) I grew to not only appreciate those men but began to love their work.

    By the time the 90s hit I was begging for something that didnt look like Manga or like a Rob Liefeld / Jim Lee clone. i grew acquainted with Giffen, Kirby and Ditkos works and absorbed it.

    On to OMAC. The moment I cracked the book I knew I loved it. It was Kirby meets Giffen and it was what comics really mean to me. Not photo realistic “Drawings” of Samuel L Jackson on every page we got classic comic art I I will miss it! R.I.P. OMAC!

  2. I appreciate that Giffen likes to shake things up with his titles while staying true to their essence. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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