TDR Digest 10.14.23: The Keith Giffen Edition

The Daily Rios Digest for October 14th, 2023: The Keith Giffen Edition. (50:52)


(00:00) In Memoriam: Keith Giffen
(03:22) Thru 1985: the Rookie, the Rise, the Rebel
(19:17) Thru 1995: Peak Era and DC’s Golden Boy
(30:00) Thru 2005: the Nomadic Years
(37:25) Thru 2015: He’s back!
(44:18) Thru 2023: the Final Years



2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 10.14.23: The Keith Giffen Edition

  1. Peter, you mentioned something about seeing Giffen’s art progression, and I had an experience with this while reading his early Doctor Fate work. His first 8 page story is recognizable, but not clearly so. But as you read the rest of the stories, you can see what we think of as Giffen art (especially his LSH days) become more recognizable and it was so quick! It was amazing to see.

    1. When I’m able, I plan on doing a Giffen deep dive. I even had a few of the Fate reprints in baxter form and didn’t take advantage before selling them off. Ha.

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