TDR Digest 07.17.22

The Daily Rios Digest for July 17th, 2022: Covering Wednesday Comics starting with Batman. Gushing over Everything Everywhere All at Once. Wolverine vs Weapon Alpha in X-Men. And more! (1:13:19)


(00:00) Movie Monday: Everything Everywhere All at Once
(10:06) Timeline Tuesday: 25 years ago: July 1997
(28:26) Wednesday Comics: Batman
(45:02) The Daily Reads Thursday: X-Men part 7
(1:01:23) Friday Wrap-up


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1 thought on “TDR Digest 07.17.22

  1. Peter,

    Loved this episode.

    I think multiversal stories are so important and popular right now is because Covid has given us all a two year break where our choices were incredibly inhibited. All of choices and futures were constrained by a power out of our control, and that gave us a lot of time to imagine. These multiverse stories like Loki and Everything Everywhere all at Once are directly addressing this shared experience.


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