TDR Digest 06.17.23

The Daily Rios Digest for June 17th, 2023: Remembering Treat Williams and John Romita. Comicbook trivia for June. The Energon Universe arrives. And more! (51:16)


(00:00) In Memoriam: Treat Williams
(13:36) Timeline Trivia Tuesday: June 2023 part 1
(30:20) New Comics Wednesday
(36:18) Today in History: June 14, 2013: Man of Steel
(38:03) Comic News: John Romita, JMS on Captain America, new Dawn of DC titles, Skybound’s Energon Universe



1 thought on “TDR Digest 06.17.23

  1. Peter, you mentioned how great the choreography was in the movie version of Hair. What makes choreography good for you? I assume it’s some combination of technical and artistic, but in what ratio or some other definition?

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