TDR Digest 04.30.22

The Daily Rios Digest for April 30th, 2022: Thoughts on The Batman. Comic History for April. Meet the Outsiders in 1st Issue Special. And more! (59:19)


(00:00) Movie Monday: The Batman
(15:01) Timeline Tuesday: April 2022
(37:06) New Comics Wednesday
(46:14) Organize your collection!
(49:49) Road to Danger Street 10: 1st Issue Special 10: the Outsiders



1 thought on “TDR Digest 04.30.22

  1. I believe most folks have passed on talking Trial of the Amazons because it was not good. It barely qualified for a Wonder Woman mini. To me it seems it was a shallow attempt to get to an end goal. The story honestly was not well thought out with too many holes and logic jumps. The title ‘Trial of the Amazons’ was one of the biggest bait and switch occurrences I have seen in comics in quite a while.

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