TDR Digest 02.25.23

The Daily Rios Digest for February 25th, 2023: A continuing look at Walking Dead season 11. A return to Heroes Reborn. Remembering Darren Nowell. And more! (1:12:11)


(00:00) Meanwhile… Monday part 12: November’83
(15:29) TV Tuesday: Walking Dead season 11 part 3
(27:33) New Comics Wednesday & DCBS books from Jan/Feb
(37:53) The Daily Reads Thursday: Heroes Reborn part 2
(1:02:30) For Darren Nowell…


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1 thought on “TDR Digest 02.25.23

  1. Thank you for the round up of tributes to Darren. I’m positive the Darren across the veil is fighting for our rights in his satin tights and is as pleased as punch to do so.

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