TDR Digest 02.06.22

The Daily Rios Digest for February 6th, 2022: Meanwhile Monday returns. Image Comics turns 30. Feedback Friday. And more! (43:31)


(00:00) Preamble
(02:22) Meanwhile… Monday part 4: May’83
(12:48) Timeline Tuesday: 30th Anniversary of Image Comics
(21:55) New Comics Wednesday
(29:35) A Thought for Thursday: The Day the Music Died
(31:28) Feedback Friday


Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa: Last Chances 1



2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 02.06.22

  1. Thank you for the response Peter. I too did re-watch of the movies, or a first watch for 3 & 4.

    I agree a lot about what you have to say about quick discussions. I think the addition of Twitch and streaming needs to be mentioned as well. We live in a world where people are more excited about watching someone play a game or react to a show than to play the game or watch the show itself. I think people just have a yearning for the communal experience and maybe talking about the experience helps placate that desire.

    1. That’s all good observations. Twitter definitely pushes the “reaction” game to a high level. Something gets announced and there is more reaction to an article headline than the article itself or the comic/movie/tv show itself. Good point.

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