TDR 433: Timeline Tuesday: August

Timeline Tuesday returns for August! Comicbook anniversaries, first appearances and major events featuring the Vision, the Golden Age Cheetah, Legion of 3 Worlds, Man without Fear and more! (24:27)


(02:32) 10 years ago: August 2008
(07:10) 25 years ago: August 1993
(17:59) 50 years ago: August 1968
(21:53) 75 years ago: August 1943

2 thoughts on “TDR 433: Timeline Tuesday: August

  1. Peter!
    Love these episodes, as well. They always give me ideas of series and issues I need to re-read (or seek out to read, for the first time).

    Funny you mentioned WARRIORS OF PLASM. I pulled the first 4 issues out of my longbox just last night, to revisit. I managed to get through the first half of the first issue, then I just stopped reading and skimmed the early David Lapham art. It worked better for me that way.

    Interestingly, in the letter column for issue 2, Rick Remender wrote in praising Shooter not only for his writing, but also for his perseverance, with regard to having been sent packing from two comic companies in recent years. Remender also notes that, at 20 years old, he is preparing to head to the Kubert School, to become a comic artist. Doing a quick search, he did inks over Kieron Dwyer on the first issues of Geoff Johns’s Avengers run, which is crazy, to me. Seems like he did the smart thing, though, in turning to writing.

    Thanks, as always, for the podcast.

    1. Chris! That’s a great Remender info nugget. I wonder how many other creators “changed” roles in their careers to better success. I think the Kubert brothers were letterers early on. There’s gotta be more.

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