TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: Who Am I?

Last week I mentioned that I would upload screenshots once a week from the very first comicbook “website” I tried to maintain back in 2002. Today’s section is basically just a bio, a comicbook secret origin story from around 1982 until 2002. Many of these details might be familiar to some (my love for Perez, New Teen Titans, Crisis, Legion of Super-Heroes, etc). And it’s interesting to see just how much my “writing” has stayed the same (’cause I’m the first to admit that my writing lacks any kind of real technique. It’s more of a ramble). Anyway, this is me from over ten years ago. Enjoy.




5 thoughts on “TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: Who Am I?

  1. Love this Pete! The SuperMan in Exile brought me back to Superman as well back in the day! Plus as you know I was a big Invasion fan so stuff leading into and after the event were big on my list!

    Loved a few notes as well with the Giffen 5 Yrs Later Legion, A lonely Place oF Dying , Arkham Asylum, and Armageddon 2001!

    Awesome retro rewind here!

    1. Invasion was definitely a fun event even if the inner logistics of it were all over the place. lol. Not to mention the whole metagene thing – I wasn’t big on that. Kinda like the Speed Force: great idea in concept but eventually it was overplayed and used for every explanation. Better to just keep those things nebulous and unspecified.

      I should do a series of posts on all the major DC/Marvel events. Those always are fun to analyze.

  2. A second here for LEGENDS. Wein, Ostrander, Byrne, and Kesel – come on. Great stuff.

    And the Evolutionary War – that was the “annual” event, yes? Or am I remembering something different. Had those annuals for the longest time, but they were part of my post-divorce purge (something I still shake my head at, but what can you do?)

  3. I missed many of Marvel’s annual events (Evolutionary War, Atlantis Attacks, Acts of Vengeance, etc) – they hit in those 1988-1990 years that I was out of comics. Once I was back, just in time for the Image explosion, my Marvel reading tapered off for a short bit. It’s another reason why I would love to do an in-depth series of Events posts. Just so I can read a bunch of them for the first time!

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