TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: Starman the First Year

Finally reached the last section of my old 2002 AOL homepage on comics, covering comicbook Annotations. The two titles I started with were James Robinson’s Starman and the 1999 JSA series. These Annotations are the precursor to the popular Footnotes episodes originally co-hosted by Adam and I on CGS: a page by page detailed look at a series’ inner continuity, connections to the larger narrative of the comicbook universe in which it exists, easter eggs, etc. First up, the first year of James Robinson’s Starman run, one of the standout ’90s DC series that has a wealth of information to cover for an Annotation. Footnoting a series is one of my favorite things to do with a comic. It’s a different beast from reviewing, which relies more on opinion and reactions to a work. I find the kind of analysis I bring to annotations is much more informational and often times strengthens readers’ enjoyment by delving deeper into a comic. The font is small, and there is definitely room to expand, but this is a good start. I’ll have to revisit this title someday. Hit the images for a slightly larger version and look for Year Two next week.



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  1. Someday, I need to read this series. Started it a few years back, got roughly a dozen issues in and it didn’t hold my interest. Maybe fresh eyes will give me a different perspective on it.

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