Tales of TLP: Legion of Substitute Heroes Special

Introducing: Tales of The Legion Project! A supplemental podcast spotlighting Legion v3 Specials, Annuals, Mini-Series & more! In this episode, Eric & Peter discuss the 1985 Legion of Substitute Heroes Special! (2:03:39)


(01:00) Intro and origin of the Tales podcast
(05:42) Legion of Substitute Heroes Special synopsis, general thoughts, & background info
(29:04) On the cover, costumes and designs
(38:27) Main discussion on Pulsar Stargrave, connections to older Subs stories, Matter-Eater Lad, & more
(1:07:20) Additional thoughts and highlights
(1:44:24) Brief thoughts on DC Comics Presents #59 featuring Superman, the Subs, & Ambush Bug
(2:00:11) Outro



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