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The Daily Rios 11.01.12: Throwback Thursday: Nov 2007

It’s a trip back to November 2007 in comics with the help of Wizard magazine issue 194. (14:22)

The Daily Rios 10.26.12: Free-For-All Friday

Sandy. Philly. Disaster movies. Cheeseburgers. (09:42)

The Daily Rios 10.22.12: Monday Musings… Inspiration

Inspiration edition. (02:17)

The Daily Rios 10.18.12: R’view

A r’view of the Marvel Now! Point One oneshot! (16:23)

The Daily Rios 10.12.12: A Top 5 About New York

In anticipation for the weekend: a Top 5 about New York! (16:38)

The Daily Rios 08.23.12: Happy 100th, Gene Kelly!

To celebrate his 100th birthday, here’s Gene Kelly’s speech upon accepting the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1985. My inspiration. (04:36)

The Daily Rios 08.14.12: Ten Tweet Tuesday

Ten random topics including Lazer Tag, social media, John Blake, what makes for a good review, Raiders of the Lost Ark returning to theatres and more! (25:59)

The Daily Rios 07.26.12

Movie double feature! Amazing Spider-Man. The Dark Knight Rises. Spoilers! You’ve been warned.

The Daily Rios 07.12.12

Yahoo’s 100 Movies To See Before You Die: The Modern Classics. Boogie Nights?!? (08:37)