The Daily Rios 08.14.12: Ten Tweet Tuesday

Ten random topics including Lazer Tag, social media, John Blake, what makes for a good review, Raiders of the Lost Ark returning to theatres and more! (25:59)


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1 thought on “The Daily Rios 08.14.12: Ten Tweet Tuesday

  1. Peter, regarding what you were saying about Dick Grayson and John Blake: while it pains me to say it too, maybe you’re right–maybe Dick should die. I just don’t feel the significance of Dick Grayson in the relaunched DCU. Our Grayson had, for the most part, and arc of growth. He started out as Robin under Batman’s wing, then shadow, struck out on his own (Hudson U days, teaming with Batgirl), forming the Teen Titans (developing into a leader that Batman could never be), becoming Nightwing, all the while developing relationships with the other DC heroes (whose the one guy every trusts?). With this Grayson having only been Robin for a short time (presumably) and coupled with the lack of the Teen and later New Teen Titans, he just doesn’t have the weight, the back story, that made him matter in the DCU, at least to me. Such a pity.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go wash my mouth out with soap for the heresy I have uttered. 😉


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