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New Comics Wednesday 01.15.14

Image is everything…

…and the picture that launched a thousand (give or take) words.

New Comics Wednesday 01.08.14

A new year, a new batch of recommendations of comics and collections!

New Comics Wednesday 2013 Catch-Up

Catching up on the comic book releases for the last three weeks of 2013!

New Comics Wednesday 12.11.13

A bunch of collections and more for this week’s new releases!

New Comics Wednesday 11.27.13

Marvel abounds in the list of recommendations for the last week of November.

New Comics Wednesday 11.13.13

Collections and GNs fill out most of the suggestions for this new week of comics.

New Comics Wednesday 11.06.13

A look at the comic book suggestions for books that shipped last week. Catching up!


Recommendations from the November Previews for comics and collections mostly shipping in January.

New Comics Wednesday 10.30.13

Little late on this one. Oops! Recommendations from the week of Oct.30th!

New Comics Wednesday 10.23.13

Interesting art and story concepts capture the spotlight in today’s recommendations of new comics!


Variety is the word of the day for today’s suggestions and recommendations. Yay bo!