Previews for November 2013

Recommendations from the September Previews for comics and collections mostly shipping in November. 

This is by no means a complete list. I’m giving spotlight to the top ten new projects: new issue #1s, special collections, anniversary issues, oddities etc. And then I’ll list overall random thoughts on the rest of the catalog at the end. This also doesn’t necessarily reflect all the books I’ll be pre-ordering. I rarely point out something just because it’s the next issue and sometimes I pick suggestions that might be only interesting to others. As always, I’m sure there are more I could mention. It’s certainly not because I missed it (I scour these pages thoroughly every month), most likely whatever it is I skipped just didn’t strike a chord or I file it under “you can’t recommend everything”. So here we go! Hit the individual pictures for more information!












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Random thoughts and such on the rest:

PAGE 38: A new Ghost series is solicited from Dark Horse with Ryan Sook as artist. Which is unfortunate because I like Sook’s art, but the 4 issue Ghost mini-series that preceded this series was very disappointing.

PAGE 63: I should probably read the two other Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi mini-series before picking up Dark Horse’s new offering SW:DOTJ: Force War.

DC: Lots of Zero Year and Forever Evil tie-ins. It’ll be interesting to see how the Zero Year issues compliment the Zero issues that kicked off Year Two of the New 52. That’s a lot of numbers.

PAGE 135: A Creature Commandos tpb?! Nice! Collecting over 250 pages worth of content from Weird War Tales.

PAGE 136: I finished reading the Matt Wagner/John K. Snyder III Doctor Mid-Nite mini-series a few weeks back so of course a collection gets solicited. Here’s hoping it’s not as dark coloring wise as the issues were. I’m glad I read it though – it showed that his personality was tweaked just a bit when he was brought into the JSA title. He wasn’t as cold or aloof as he’s presented in the mini. Perhaps clinical is a good way to describe his nature.

PAGE 158: More Phil Jimenez work. This time on the first part of IDW’s Transformers: Dark Cybertron crossover.

MARVEL: Cataclysm! Looks like Galactus vs the Ultimate Universe takes another 14 issues to tell after Hunger wraps. If it really is the end of the Ultimate line, I’ll be very surprised.; Nova 10 is actually celebrating Nova issue 100; speaking of anniversary issues, X-Men Gold celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men with Chris Claremont and many more.

And finally, PAGE 320: The Beautiful Darkness GN from Drawn & Quarterly.

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