Previews for December 2013

Recommendations from the October Previews for comics and collections mostly shipping in December.

Another top ten Previews spotlight with a few random thoughts on the rest of the catalog at the end. This isn’t a complete list. It also doesn’t necessarily reflect all the books I’ll be pre-ordering. Sometimes I pick suggestions that might be only interesting to others. As always, I’m sure there are more I could mention. Hit the individual pictures for more information!




















Random thoughts and such on the rest:

PAGE 130: DC is collecting the Matt Wagner 4-issue Demon mini-series from the 80s. Never read it. And I don’t often run into it in back issue bins to correct that. Having just read Matt Wagner’s 3-issue Doctor Mid-Nite mini, I can say that he knows his DC Universe – so it’ll be interesting to see how much of it resonated back when this was released in 1987, especially considering this was a post-Crisis, post-Alan Moore Swamp Thing Demon.

PAGE 220: If I needed anymore proof that Image’s Three is a riff on Frank Miller’s 300, that cover image alone is enough to cement the deal. And then I read an article today that Three is indeed writer Kieron Gillen’s attempt to expand on (some would say debunk) Frank Miller’s version of events. I’ll stick with 300.

MARVEL: Sooooo… not to be outdone by DC’s Villains Month point issues, Marvel is releasing Amazing Spider-Man issue 700.1 thru .5. And apparently Peter Parker is back from the dead? Maybe? But not one of those issues written by Dan Slott? So confused; speaking of confused: a 136 page trade is $19.99. Another 136 page trade is $15.99. And then a 136 page hardcover is $24.99. Wow. This is why I hardly ever recommend Marvel collections. That pricing variation on the same page count is scandalous.

PAGE 292: Dynamite is putting out a collection featuring scanned original art at its original size and calling it the Art Edition. I wonder how IDW feels about that?

And finally, save your pennies for Wednesday December 18th’s release of comics. If I were to pick up all of the comics that would interest me in that one week alone, I would be walking away with 46 comics. That’s a huge week.

What are you interested in?


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