3 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday 02.19.14

  1. I hope out there somewhere is a kid that stumbles into a comic shop and chooses New Warriors #1 , takes it home, sits on his bed and loves it so much he reads it until the cover almost falls off, and falls in love with comics for the first time. That’s the magic of comics…would love to go back in time to when I was a kid with his 20 dollars a week allowance and loading up on .95 cent books from the drug store! Plus Speed all is in the book..Marvels biggest wasted character. That character is Money!

    1. That’s a good way to look at it – I know there are readers out there with fond memories of the first New Warriors series. I read the first trade of it last year and it’s incredibly dated – but I can see why people liked it. So even though the first issue of this new series has a few negative reviews, who knows, maybe a younger reader will love it as you state.

  2. Lol New Warriors is indeed dated today. Its Bagley art for God sakes. Characters like Night Thrasher are certainly products of the 90s. Warriors does not have the longevity of a Teen Titans but at that moment in the 90s SpeedBall and company were the coolest cats in school!

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