Monthly Archive: June, 2013

The Daily Rios 06.28.13: Episode 260


The Daily Rios 06.27.13: A Thought for Thursday


The Daily Rios 06.26.13: New Comics Wednesday

A look at today’s comic releases as well as feedback on the Geek Culture Idolatry Top 5. (21:49)

The Daily Rios 06.25.13: Top 5

A Top 5 list about the public faces of Geek Culture that are no longer needed. (12:23)

The Daily Rios 06.24.13

Another mishmash of topics including podcasting, Marvel Now, even some Man of Steel thoughts. You’ve been warned. (11:35)

The Daily Rios 06.21.13: Old MacDonald Had a Farm… part 2

A leftover snippet of conversation with the Pretty Girl. Warning: silliness ahead. (06:55)

The Daily Rios 06.20.13


The Daily Rios 06.19.13: New Comics Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. ‘Nuff said. (04:59)

The Daily Rios 06.18.13: Driving and Top 5ing

A listener suggested Top 5 on the road focusing on Favorite Musicals! (22:31)

The Daily Rios 06.17.13


The Daily Rios 06.14.13: For Your Consideration…

Promo pitches for three Kickstarter Projects: the Guns of Shadow Valley, a Jack Kirby retrospective and World War Kaiju! (09:34)

The Daily Rios 06.13.13: On Podcasting… Returns

Based on listener feedback, On Podcasting… returns with a look at listener donations. (19:53)