6 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 06.24.13

  1. I haven’t added my voice to the Man of Steel debate, yet. So, I thought this an appropriate venue for such:


    (that’s all I got, since I haven’t seen it yet.)

    **wink emoticon**


    1. Chris! You should try and see it in the theatres. The movie making of it is part of the experience.


    1. Probably because there’s something “easy” to latch on to for a discussion point. Defining moments and all I suppose.

  2. This is why I like you, Peter. Always love to hear your opinion and I CAN NOT agree with you MORE about what you said about Man Of Steel. I enjoyed the movie and have been made to feel bad FOR enjoying the movie. That makes no sense. Thank you for that rant.

    1. Thanks Martheus! No one hasn’t approached me yet with the “you don’t get” Superman stupidity. I’ve been through several reboots/reimaginings of the character. This isn’t any different. 🙂

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