The Daily Rios 08.10.12: Feedback Friday

On August 10, 2012 by Peter

Listener comments on Moulin Rouge, Top 5 current comics, Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four, Moore vs Kirkman and more! (20:48)


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Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa

the Sainiocast Podcast



2 Responses to “The Daily Rios 08.10.12: Feedback Friday”

  • Ed Chambers (from South Jersey)

    You mentioned a comment from David S. from Philly wherein he describes seating in the Walnut Street Theater is difficult for someone who is tall. Although I am not tall (I’m 5’9″), I have similar problems at the Forrest Theater (particularly in the Mezzanine level); there just isn’t adequate leg room!!! If you are familiar with the Forrest Theater, do you know which seating area is the best for leg room?

  • Peter

    It’s been at least ten or more years since I’ve last been in the Forrest. I usually had tickets in the main orchestra section – but I have to imagine they are less than ideal as well since it’s an older theatre. Maybe try to get a box seat next time?

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