X-Men: Days of Future Past / the Wolverine

It’s a two fold Movie Monday! Saw X-Men Days of Future Past in the theatres over the weekend and watched the Wolverine on DVD. Not much to say since this is just a catch-up post.

The “First Class” era of the X-Men movies are really banging out quality, thoughtful stories. The liberties they took with the characters and their powers to get the story to work for the big screen were a bit much, but it still worked. The Sentinels were scary. The future scenes had the right amount of tension and foreboding. The integration of the two ensemble casts worked. And the new status quo ending was a bold and smart move for the franchise. I look forward to a second viewing to catch all the action I may have missed.  

The Wolverine was definitely miles ahead of the first Origins movie. It was more focused and had a nice weight to it that the first lacked. I wasn’t completely sold on the third act, and some of the actors were a little too glamorous for how raw a Wolverine story should potentially go, but at least it has “re-watchability” to it. 

Say what you will about wanting Fox to hand over these characters to Disney, I’m more than fine with Fox keeping them in their sandbox and not having to wrap them up into the Marvel Cinematic mix and match machine. 

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