5 thoughts on “The Tower Episode 11: NTT issue 7

  1. Peter,

    I smiled when I saw a new Tower episode was downloading. It was great to hear you talk Titans again. (hoping you’ll be part of the Judas Contract discussion at CGS that’s forthcoming). Thank you.

    Also wanted to share that your reference to creators finding their voice with issue 8 of a series also applies to Neil Gaiman and Sandman. He’s stated in multiple interviews that he, too, felt he found his voice with the eighth issue of that series, “The Sound of Her Wings,” which was the day-in-the-life story of Dream’s younger sister, Death. Personally, that’s probably my favorite issue of the series.

    Again, glad to have you back on the daily grind. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

    Take care,

  2. I need to relisten to the episode cuz I had things to say as I was driving to work, but in the meantime, you’re making me want to buy the NTT trades, and I already have the omnibuses!

  3. Ok, I relistened and here are some thoughts, questions, and reactions.

    Peter, you made a comment about the Omega Men being a part of the larger NTT universe. Aside from the Vega connection with Starfire, what else is there? The only Omega Men that I read really was appearances in NTT issues–what am I missing?

    It’s funny, as I reread #7 for the first time in decades, listening again to the episode before you started talking specifically about the issue, I got to that line about New York (“though nobody wants to admit it”) and wondered what the heck? I planned to ask you what you thought, forgetting that you had the same question. Oh well. 🙂

    You mentioned the guy that came on to Starfire in the park, but did you notice the T emblem on his jacket? Were the Titans already making an impact in New York? Or was it more that the artists involved were having a bit of fun?

    That schematic! For some reason I love things like this that detail the HQs of our heroes. My love of this stuff probably started with the various renderings of the Batcave, as well as schematics of the USS Enterprise. I always loved the idea of a T-shaped building and what was inside of it. Did you ever see the New Titans Sourcebook for the DC Heroes RPG? It adds much more detail for each floor and major rooms of the Tower. Speaking of the Tower, when did Silas have this state of the art, stylized building made, and how? Given that he said that he built it for Victor and his friends, the timing seems quite compressed (I know, I know, it’s comics!) considering that the time between issue one and seven seems to be only a few days or at best a few weeks, which is still not nearly enough time to build the Tower. Perhaps this has been answered somewhere and I’ve forgotten.

    As to the wordiness of the issue, do you suppose that was merely Wolfman’s style (I seem to recall that the Tomb of Dracula mini-series from Epic was painfully wordy), or did he feel he needed to compensate for the art for some reason?

    Finally, I just wanted to point out that this issue was the last time that we would see Kid Flash with brown hair. Starting with the following issue, Wally would become a red head. Being a kid with dark brown hair, I always loved seeing KF’s hair color in a comic book world filled with mostly black haired heroes.

    Peter, I love that the Tower podcast has returned! Thank you for continuing this journey.

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