The Tower 40: New Teen Titans at 40

Celebrating 40 years of the New Teen Titans! Also, talking about the first three episodes of Titans season 3! (37:31)



2 thoughts on “The Tower 40: New Teen Titans at 40

  1. Peter, your question on the first Titan’s issue I ever read lead me on a quest and surprise. The issue involved Two-Face and Cyborg and it is probably the issue that made me really get why comics were great. Contrasting Two-Face and Cyborg is a great pairing and I can’t remember if it has ever been done again. Anyway it was Teen Titan’s Spotlight #13, cover date May 1987. The big surprise for me here is that it was written by John Michael Straczynski who later became the main writer and showrunner of one of my all time favorite television series: Babylon 5. I believe this also my first contact with this treasured author.

    1. Ben! Very interesting! I think that was JMS’ first comic. Babylon 5 is a show I want to watch (I’ve seen scattered eps), but I need to finish Deep Space Nine first or else I’ll confuse the two. Ha. You got into the Titans later in their run – were you not interested or were issues hard to come by since by that time they were sold primarily in comic stores? Thanks for the feedback!

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