The Tower 26: the Titans episode 9

Thoughts & reactions to Episode 9 of the Titans TV show detailing the origins behind Hank “Hawk” Hall and Dawn “Dove” Granger! (14:24)

MUSIC: “Titans Theme” by Clint Mansell & Kevin Kiner

1 thought on “The Tower 26: the Titans episode 9

  1. Totally agree with you on this one. I’ve been watching the whole series episode by episode with a friend (my ex-wife, actually) and we both agree with you: the worst episode of them all.

    I’ve either read or watched a YT video that stated (don’t remember if this was actually facts or just speculation), that what we have here is a kind of “Frankenstein monster”, that this is actually two different shows. An earlier show that was produced for a different network and the final product, “polished” (?!?) for the DC Universe streaming service. And therefore, what we get with an episode like this, is something from a totally different arc and we can see the seams, the (bad) stitching. For example, shoehorning (to mix a metaphor – this show deserves it!), Rachel into the mirror and the computer screen “reaching out to Hank” which makes no b sense.

    But their introduction into the series also makes no sense: Dick’s going to just show up with a grown teenage girl, without calling, to a couple he hasn’t seen in years? And just try and dump her with them? And then leave?!? No to mention a couple with whom he had some friction?!?

    And since we later meet Donna Troy, why not her?

    In addition to the above “Frankenstein monster” theory, there’s also the whole Akiva Goldsman thing. My ex-wife and I have said for years, Akiva Goldsman should not be let anywhere near super-heroes or science fiction. After all, this is the guy responsible for writing the Lost in Space movie and both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin! Need I say more?!? He also wrote A Beautiful Mind, which I believe won an Academy Award, so apparently he can write a decent screenplay, if based on a true story. But when it comes to worlds of speculation and imagination…well, not so much.

    And finally, regardless of what caused this mess of a series, there’s still a big Mystery: how and why could they launch a streaming service with something so messy, something not really great? There were so many possible other ways to go: keep it in beta for a few months until the new year and then launch with Young Justice, which already has a huge fan base, or for early adopters, not have a new show yet, and just offer everything else, or just wait ton launch until you have something really great, or so many other possibilities.

    Why damage your brand (and the Teen Titans product, which also has a huge fan base) with something that’s this flawed (though there have been some good episodes, the overall effect is an unfocused show that is all over the shop)?

    I suspect that The Doom Patrol show and Swamp Thing, will be much better, which will be a nice thing. But I still don’t get it: why start with this?

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